Medical Weight Loss Programs: Do They Work?

One of the major problems affecting individuals in the United States today is obesity and excess weight. As a result, there are several medical weight-loss programs aimed at helping people deal with excess weight and improve the quality of their lives.

However, some quarters question the effectiveness of such weight-loss programs. Therefore, this article gives you all the details about medical weight-loss programs and whether they work.

What is a Medical-Weight Loss Program?

Medical weight loss programs refer to the process of losing weight via the instructions and guidance of a healthcare professional, usually a doctor.

The unique thing about a medical weight loss program is that it involves actual professionals and is usually tailor-made to suit individuals. This means that the recommendations and instructions given during the program are generally based on the unique peculiarities of different individuals, and they are often medically and scientifically verified.

Generally, a medical weight loss program will be a combination of counseling, diet, and exercise instructions. Such a combination has proven to be effective because it results in weight reduction decisions and activities influenced by professional advice and tends to be sustainable in the long term.

Do Medical Weight Loss Programs Work?

The short answer to this is yes, they work, and they work for two primary reasons. The first is that they are supervised and administered by professionals who are typically well-informed. The second reason is that they are personalized.

Personalization is a significant factor because it takes into account all the variables that may limit an individual from hitting their desired goal. This immediately makes it more likely to succeed than one-size fits all programs.

Furthermore, of all the various methods to lose weight that you see around today, medical weight loss programs are the safest and the ones where you feel the most supported.

However, having said all this, it is essential to add that medical weight loss programs are not magic camps that give you your dream body overnight. You must be willing to put in the hard work that comes with a proper medical weight loss program.

Components of Medical Weight Loss Programs

When you visit a medical weight loss clinic, there are certain things to expect. These things form a fundamental part of the process of helping you manage your weight. They include:


This is the first step to every proper medical weight loss program. It is at this stage that you share your goals, plans, and other essential information with your doctor, which helps him create a plan that best works for you. At the consultation stage, all that is happening is an exchange of information and the chance to get to know each other better.

Lifestyle Adjustments

The next step in your journey will be lifestyle adjustments that your doctor will require of you based on your goals and other things discussed during the consultation period. Usually, the key areas that you will be expected to adjust to will be diet and exercise.

When it comes to diet, your doctor is going to recommend foods that aid in weight loss and generally reduce the number of calories that you take in. As for exercising, your doctor will naturally recommend an exercise regimen that helps you burn calories effectively.


Sometimes, your doctor may recommend certain medications to aid you in weight loss alongside exercise and diet. However, medications are usually a dicey subject because, more often than not, they carry side effects that are not pleasant for your body. Therefore, it is not uncommon for your doctor to be slow in recommending medications and to watch you closely for any harmful side effects.

What To Look For When Choosing a Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Nashville?

Choosing the right clinic for your weight loss goals can be quite the challenge, with so many options before you. Therefore, we have highlighted a list of things to check out when deciding on the best weight loss clinic for yourself. They include:

Customer results

What is their success rate like, and what have other customers said about them? These are fundamental questions that you must answer before choosing a weight loss clinic. Whichever clinic you choose, be certain that they have verifiable long-term results with no side effects and that they treat their customers well.

Their method and process

This is another essential thing to look out for. How do they help people lose weight, and what options will they make available to you? Some clinics are big on diet and nutrition, while others may be big on medication. Whichever way, you have to ascertain that their process is supported by professionals who are well-trained at what they do.

Furthermore, be wary of clinics that make unrealistic weight-loss claims within a short period. The best programs steadily and surely help you hit your weight loss goals.

Experience and qualifications of the staff

This is one of the most fundamental things you want to check out. Who is the doctor that is working with you? How long has he been at this? Where did he get his license? Ask questions like this and many others that will help you ascertain the experience and qualifications of the clinic’s staff before deciding to work with them. If you find a program unwilling or unable to show the licenses and experience of its staff, it is best to avoid such a clinic.

How you feel

This may seem minor, but we consider it a big deal to choose who you want with you on your weight loss journey. If the overall feeling that you get from a clinic is uncomfortable and puts you on edge, then it is acceptable to walk away. However, if you feel at home with a clinic, and every other important question has been answered, then you can choose that clinic.


Medical weight loss programs can be safe and authentic platforms that help you hit your weight loss goals. However, be cautious and curious before you choose your weight loss clinic in Nashville and in any other city you find yourself in.